Pascal Brateau

Creative Proposal

I plan on making a cubic piece that expresses balance and uniformity. This piece will express the unity and the whole by consisting of a simple, basic structure.

I will make a cubic structure by arranging rectangular slats of a single type of wood in layers, achieving a structure from the minimum of materials, in the vein of works by Carl Andre and Sol Lewitt.

The slats are arranged to create a space that takes the stereotypical shape of a house. The figure is ghostly, difficult to approach and nearly transparent, moving in the air and appearing to disappear.

The work is mysterious and its dream-like, poetic presence alters the landscape.

Post-Residency Plans

This was my first work outside of Europe, and I hope to continue creating. I hope that meeting foreign cultures will stimulate new creativity. I also plan to spread the word via exhibitions, websites, etc., after returning home. But I think that having my art on display in Aso may be the best advertisement.

Artist in Aso 2014 Work Overview

Pascal’s installation was called “the other side of the world” and was located at Tsukimawari Park, which was recently selected as Kumamoto’s best landscape view. The constant motif throughout Pascal’s work—whether he is in Nancy, Berlin, or Aso—is the home. Pascal’s homes take many forms, and consist of anything from a metal frame, to mounds of magazines, words, wood, silicone, or tape. Pascal is originally an architect, and the home is where the smallest unit of a community—the family—congregates, which is why he continues to create based around the theme of the home. This conceptual piece was influenced by the work of 1960s and 1970s American minimalists Carl Andre and Sol Lewitt. If you look at this stack of wooden planks from the right angle, the shape of an upside-down home appears. From the perspective of someone in Europe, this would be the proper orientation of the house, which ties back in with the title of the piece. This geometric, permeable solid, placed before the great mountain peaks of Aso, stands independent of the landscape and helps imbue the view with greater power. The art successfully exhibits the confrontation of man and nature.

Additional Info

  • NAME: Pascal Brateau
  • Place to stay: Takamori
  • Nationality: Born in France, based in Germany
  • Artist Website:

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