Katarzyna Szeszycka

Creative Proposal

I will prepare audio and materials beforehand in Europe. During the residency, I will create a site-specific audio installation after I collect various items and combine them with the items I will bring. Using these items, I will also try out illustrations and site-specific installations after I return home.

Post-Residency Plans

Exhibitions at multiple galleries

Presentation at academy

Sharing on social media and my website

Artist in Aso 2014 Work Overview

Looking at Katarzyna’s profile, you get the impression that she is an accomplished painter, but she is actually very skilled in media art that utilizes modern technology. She actually brought nine microphones with her to Japan, but her work ended up defying categorization and spanned multiple genres. Katarzyna’s work involved both visuals and audio, it utilized the physical properties of the space, with Christian mythology and metaphorical objects to create a naturalistic installation. Katarzyna places great importance in inspiration when creating her genre-defying work, which reflects her firm desire to live in the here and now. The tone and composition, which seem to come from the field (Poland), of Katarzyna’s photographs and video require great skill to produce, and suggest the invisible natural laws that bind man and nature. Among her work in Poland, she has done other performances and public art pieces, and made expressions of herself in other media. Katarzyna’s cigarettes support her varied work. There may be secrets in their smoke.


Additional Info

  • NAME: Katarzyna Szeszycka
  • Place to stay: Aso City
  • Nationality: Born and based in Poland

Image Gallery

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