Hanna Kaszewska

I view the creative process as an exploration and an attempt at understanding the world around me.

It is a mean of communication. It allows initiating a dialogue, sharing experiences, asking questions and looking for answers. I strive to create a safe space in which different issues can be tackled.
I am against putting constraints on art and feel it should be able to fuse freely with other areas of life. I often draw from psychology and medical science, as well as everyday conversations. I am not attached to any particular medium, rather try to choose the one that is best suited to depict the idea at hand.
Promoting equality among the workers of cultural sectors - artists, curators, technicians - is of great importance to me. We can always do more by working together.


Additional Info

  • NAME: Hanna Kaszewska
  • Place to stay: Aso City
  • Nationality: Polish
  • Artist Website: http://kaszewskah.eu

Image Gallery

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