Emillia Noordhoek

My work comes from a deep sense of place and what occurs in the natural environment. I chose to work with clay for it’s transformational nature from a material that can be endlessly recycled and shaped by gentle pressure and yet through the firing process becomes an inert object or sculpture, able to survive and record time and history for thousands of years.

Much like early humans making painting on the walls of caves I see my art making as a recording of current conditions in the natural world as well as culture and society. Living in the Hawaiian Archipelago I have gained insights from a culture that is contending with vanishing native species in a delicate eco-system.  The role of artist as observer has never been more important nor our record keeping and art making more urgent. It is no longer adequate to work in separate silos- we need to collaborate with our communities to communicate the consequences of human actions on the natural environment and our efforts to mitigate , or not, for the future of humanity. Clay allows us to bridge one human mind to another in the present but also preserving information which may otherwise be lost to future generations.

Additional Info

  • NAME: Emillia Noordhoek
  • Place to stay: Minamiaso-Mura
  • Nationality: US