Florent Poussineau

Florent Poussineau Florent Poussineau Florent Poussineau

My artistic creations are situated between performance, video and installation.

I question the relation that we all have with food in our western society : a guaranteed way of living, a cultural act, be it communal or individual, that evolves during specific periods and contexts.

I use food both as a fine material, close to a piece of art, elite, and as a repulsive and disgusting element.Through food I play, prioritize, provoke contradictory feelings and reproduce in a certain way particular behavioral patterns present in our consumer society.

From an early age I was able to exchange, learn, discover and perfect my apprenticeship with professionals in the food industry. My father being a pastry chef, for many years he has been my main teacher. It is within the family and social environment that education takes its roots.

My artistic preoccupations are based on the search for what makes each individual what they are and what they represent in today’s world. The search for a lost time shows that it is not as lost as we may think, the behavior that we have in society, the rules of good conduct or good manners are rooted in us from childhood.

What happens when the environment is hijacked or unknown and beyond the codes dictated by our fathers? These proposed environments are under the sign of conviviality and the discovery of the other, but also of oneself.

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